Lejla is natural spring water that originates from underground water deposits that are protected from all sorts of pollution. It springs in the intact nature of mountain Trebević, where the water passes through natural purifiers. Sarajevska pivara [Brewery] drains such crystal-clear and intact water – from its own well, from a depth of 297m, located at the Pivara’s location at Bistrik, underneath Trebević. Lejla’s natural spring water is bottled in a fully protected and closed process. Our water is top-quality, daily controlled and unchanged for more than 150 years. “Sarajevska pivara“is one of the first that has its own source of water, and the area of the drinking water site “Sarajevska pivara“is a subject of constant geological research since the end of the 19th century. There are three wells in Pivara– B1, B2, and B3. Natural, spring water Lejla is filled from well B3, at a depth of 297m, which involves groundwater in massive limestones. The water from this well has raised groundwater temperature ranging from 13 to 14, 9 ° C, giving it a character of thermal water, from the geological point of view. This temperature is significantly higher than the temperature of the water sources that appear in this area. Groundwater acts as hypothermal water allowing long-term preservation of its quality.


The well B3, from where we draw Lejla’s natural spring water, has impermeable rocks that create natural protection of underground waters exploited in”Sarajevska pivara“.